Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Corbin's turning 5!

My first born baby turns five tomorrow. To say that these past five years have flown by is an understatement. Sometimes, well a lot of the time, the days drag on and I count down the minutes until nap time, or bedtime so I can sit down and just breathe, alone.

But then, in the blink of an eye, a month, or six have gone by. And I'm like where the hell did that time go? Where is my baby? Who is this little boy?

Five is a tricky age. He's no longer a toddler. He's starting Kindergarten. He is in between little and big boy sizes in shoes, a thirteen! He's super tall and skinny, making pants that fit very hard to find. He knows his letters and is starting to spell, so daddy and I can no longer spell words we don't want him to hear! He's too smart for his own good and questions every little thing I tell him. And to say he is smart is putting it lightly. He already talks about the future, getting married and how many kids he wants. He references his "pee-pee." A. Lot. He's no longer cute, but so damn handsome.  

God, I love him. Thank You for blessing me with a healthy, smart, funny, beautiful boy. 

Happy 5th Birthday to my little man!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mommy Guilt...

The other day I was trying to talk to a friend on the phone, and my kids had been sitting quietly, but as soon as I dialed her number, all hell broke loose and my kids, of course, lost it.

Mid meltdown I was trying to tell her that lately I'd been feeling extremely guilty because all I could think about was how much I miss my freedom. I miss not having to plan the entire twenty four hours of my day around two little humans, that need me. All. Day. Long. 

I miss the spontaneity of life.

I miss my perky B-cup. I miss my body without stretch marks and I miss being naked, without having to hold things up or suck things in.

I miss going to bed incredibly late and being able to sleep in past 6:30am. 

I miss when my husband and I used to just up and go to a movie or dinner without having to plan a week in advance, so we could find a babysitter. I miss taking showers together, and laying around in bed. I miss making love, not having quickies because we are so freaking exhausted. I miss just doing nothing together, not having to constantly entertain a third and fourth wheel.

I miss watching hours of recorded shows, and not worrying about the little eyes and ears in the room. I miss making room on my DVR for my shows, not my kid's Disney movies or a hundred annoying shows like freaking Elmo and Caillou.

I miss eating a meal in peace, without worrying about food being chucked across the room or someone refusing to eat their meal because it's "yucky." I miss eating my entire meal without having to share. I miss eating a candy bar without having to sneak into the laundry room so the kids don't hear me.

I miss getting ready, alone. I miss peeing and going number two alone. I miss showers. I miss not having to rush to put make-up on, or straightening my hair without missing twenty spots, and the constant worry of my littles yanking the cord down and burning themselves. 

I miss going out with my friends, without all of us "planning" when we can all get a babysitter on the same day. I miss the days when we all wouldn't be late because we had to make our kiddos dinner and they wouldn't eat or they had a meltdown when we had to leave. 

I miss about ten thousand other things that I used to be able to do.  

But, I think I'm beginning to realize that it's okay. We as parents shouldn't have to feel guilty because we miss certain aspects of our lives that were easier. I think there is so much pressure from the outside world that we have to be perfect parents, attentive to every single need of our children, that we often neglect to consider our own needs. We hold these feelings in and it gets to the point where they're all pent up and the guilt just floods out.

When we didn't have kids, these things we miss were the norm. They were completely taken advantage of. Nothing can prepare you for what you give up when you have children. Nothing. Before having kids, it was always so annoying and condescending when older people would tell us "enjoy your freedom now." We would nod and laugh. But, it's freaking true. Parenting is the next chapter in our lives. It's hard, period. Anyone who says different is lying.  

With that being said, I wouldn't trade having my children for a damn thing. We were blessed with two healthy, beautiful children. They honestly brighten my days, make me laugh more than I ever thought I could, and well, they complete me. The little moments and the big, and everything in between. They are miracles made with love and for that I am truly thankful.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

My first baby graduated, from preschool!

My first baby graduated from preschool last night. I know it sounds so stupid, a graduation for everything, just like a trophy for everything. But, I think this is one of the most important steps. This graduation basically throws the kids out into the "real" world of at least thirteen more years, hopefully way more, of school. It's like saying, "congrats, school is no longer rainbows and butterflies, but hours upon hours of homework and yeah, good luck with that common core crap! Ha ha!" 

Goodbye preschool, hello Kindergarten!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Violet's Matryoshka Party...

Violet's Uncle Vladimir is from Kazakhstan. He is such an awesome Uncle, that each time he goes back home for a visit, he brings back Matryoshkas for the kids, and my daughter adores them. So I decided to throw her a Matryoshka birthday party. 

Awhile back I purchased some super cute paper from the Etsy store Shery K Designs. There was a cool chevron design I wanted for a project, but while planning for Violet's party I looked back at the bundle of paper and there were Matryoshkas on some of them! So I based the colors and theme on these papers, which are adorable!

(the back has all of the info!)

We have some beautiful Matryoshkas, so of course we needed to display them perfectly and I saw some centerpieces from The Hostess With The Mostess Blog, that incorporated gorgeous flowers. I loved it! I found some really pretty pink flowers at the dollar store, and asked my mom to create the centerpieces and she did a phenomenal  job!

I printed out Matryoshka coloring pages and planned to have the kiddos play pin the face on the Matryoshka! But it went by so fast we forgot to play. So after every one left, we remembered and Corbin, Violet and Corbin's best friend played! It was adorable! A good friend drew and painted the stand up Matryoshka, and it turned out great! Thanks Kafka! 

In their treat buckets the kids had coloring pages, a fruit squeeze, and egg filled with candy and a Russian treat egg that their Uncle Vlad got at a Russian store in Portland! Thanks Uncle Vlad!

When deciding on a menu, Uncle Vlad volunteered to make Piroshkis, which are kind of like Russian beerocks. He made sweet ones and savory ones and everyone devoured them! I didn't even have a chance to have one. But I'd had them before and loved them! 

It turned out great. Thank you to everyone who came and helped out with the party. Violet had a blast!