Friday, October 25, 2013


It may have taken me awhile, but I finally finished decorating for Halloween! 


I wanted to go black and white this year, with some gold and silver. I found a couple of free printables that can be found HERE and HERE. My absolute favorites are the ghosts my son and I made. A big bouncy ball with two pieces of tissue paper wrapped around it, tied with fishing line. They are so cool! And the awesome black plastic pumpkin that was only a dollar, and I painted it's eyes and teeth gold. It looks fantastic! The canvases with the witch and pumpkin are painted with chalkboard paint, and I will reuse them for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love anything chalkboard!

Notice my door mummy only goes half way down the door. With an eighteen month old who rips everything up, you can see why stopping half way was necessary! And my son's favorite, the dollar store skeleton in the front window. We made him a cool bowtie, and added some circle garland to glam it up a bit.

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